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Experienced San Diego Employment Law Attorney

Problems on the job could lead to litigation in either state or federal court. With more than 39 years of practice focused on employment law issues, San Diego lawyer Warren Paul Beck knows that very few lawsuits ever make it to trial. However, in a typical workplace dispute, neither party can afford the delay and uncertainties of litigation while a mutually unpleasant situation continues.

If you are facing an employment dispute, you need a fair, practical solution as soon as possible. Ideally, of course, you would like to take action to prevent such disputes from occurring in the first place.

Whether you are an employee facing disability discrimination or you are a small-business professional concerned about compliance with California and federal workplace regulations, attorney Warren Paul Beck can help.

We help employees resolve the full range of employment law problems that can arise, and we provide professional legal counsel for small businesses. Attorney Beck:

  • Advises employers who have no in-house counsel about how to avoid trouble using a preventive approach to reducing workplace litigation risk
  • Represents employees in both private industry and the public sector in the resolution of complaints of discrimination, wrongful termination or sexual harassment
  • Assists both employers and employees in administrative proceedings before such agencies as the EEOC, the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the Employment Development Department, and the California Civil Rights Department

To learn how this breadth of experience can help you resolve your legal problem, contact the law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law.

Our Negotiation and Mediation Experience Could Keep Your Case Out of Court

Our law firm provides personalized client service geared toward helping you understand your rights and obligations under the law, resolving workplace disputes, and finding practical solutions to difficult problems. Warren Beck’s extensive legal understanding, negotiation skills, and experience with mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques can help you move past these situations and back to work.

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Over the years, clients from Southern California, San Diego County and the South Bay have appreciated our work toward a prompt resolution that meets their goals, rather than commit them to the ordeal of a full-blown trial. If you want to resolve your employment law problem on terms that protect your future career and financial security, contact an experienced lawyer at the law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law.

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