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Protecting the Rights of State and Municipal Employees in San Diego and Across California

State and municipal employees face the same workplace challenges that their private sector counterparts do, but with a significantly heavier overlay of laws and regulations that affect their rights on the job. Knowing the procedures, deadlines and limitations involved in these claims is essential. Get guidance by a skilled attorney who doesn’t just dabble in employment law but is immersed in it every day.

The San Diego law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, knows the legal challenges government workers face when making employment law claims in California. If you work for an agency of California state government, a municipal government or a local school district and need advice about your legal options for resolving a problem at work, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced public employment lawyer. Speak with attorney Warren Paul Beck at 619-573-4683.

Representation for Government Workers: State, County and Municipal Employees, Military Installation Staff, AFSCME Members

San Diego employment lawyer Warren Paul Beck represents government workers of all kinds throughout the greater San Diego area and San Diego County from El Cajon to Chula Vista and La Jolla. Our firm’s long experience with public sector workplace rights issues helps us identify and apply your strongest legal protection, whether it can be found in your collective bargaining agreement, a federal statute or even the California Education Code.

A few of the employment law issues we handle for government workers include:

  • Rights of civilian employees at military and naval installations, including Camp Pendleton and MCAS Miramar
  • Representation of civil service employees before the Merit Systems Protection Board or the Civil Service Commission
  • Unclassified state, county or local public employees facing a disability issue or who may have discrimination or sexual harassment claims
  • Clerical or professional government workers covered under public sector union contracts in regard to retirement pensions and more
  • Appeals of decisions for wrongful termination or layoff
  • Whistleblower cases and instances of employer retaliation

California teachers and school administrators are protected from layoffs by special procedures and notice rules. If you received a layoff letter after March 15 advising you that your job has been terminated for the school year, get the advice of an experienced workplace rights lawyer at the office of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law.

Saving Jobs and Benefits and Ensuring Safe, Legal Workplaces

Although the laws and procedures for protecting the interests of public employees can differ significantly from those applicable to the private sector, the objectives and tactical choices are generally similar: to protect your job and your working conditions through negotiation, mediation or litigation according to the circumstances of your situation.

Warren Paul Beck’s law practice has focused on workplace rights issues since 1981, including those of government workers. For a free consultation about how we can protect your interests as a public employee, contact us online or call our office in San Diego at 619-573-4683.