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At the law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, we advise and represent employees with claims for unpaid overtime, uncompensated rest or meal breaks, or state or federal wage and hour law violations.

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Know Your Rights and the Law on Overtime Pay

Some wage and hour claims can be complicated and confusing. The question often comes down to whether or not your job was properly classified as exempt from overtime pay. Some companies misclassify workers as managers or supervisors with very little discretion or authority just to avoid liability for overtime. Other employers will misclassify employees as professionals in order to achieve the same objective.

State or federal wage and hour laws can be very difficult to apply in a given case, and the advice of an experienced lawyer who stays current with the changing statutes and rules in this area will help you achieve a clear understanding of your rights.

Our Experience Means We Know All the Available Options

With more than 40 years of experience focused on employment and labor law issues, Warren Beck has not only the legal knowledge necessary to guide you through your case but is also familiar with the full range of procedural options that might work for you. These alternatives include:

  • An administrative complaint to the state Labor Commissioner’s Office
  • A federal lawsuit on a mediation track
  • A civil action in the Superior Court of California
  • A negotiated settlement of your claims without commencing formal legal proceedings

San Diego employment lawyer Warren Beck has represented both employees and employers in these matters, and his ability to match the right strategic choice to your situation can give you a powerful advantage in resolving your claim. He is also a trained mediator who can represent you in mediation or serve as a mediator.

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