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In the course of his career, California employment and labor law attorney Warren Beck has done it all. He has represented employers in administrative hearings before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the Employment Development Department, the Civil Service Commission, and other state and federal agencies. He has taken claims to mediation and trial on behalf of employees with claims for disability discrimination, unpaid wages and constructive discharge. He has successfully resolved cases for individuals and companies accused of sexual harassment.

This versatility and range of practice in employment and labor issues continues to characterize Warren Beck’s practice today. Contact his office in San Diego for a free consultation about your legal problem.

Over the years, this experienced practitioner has learned several basic truths about employment law disputes. First, for most workers, their job is far more than a means of survival — it’s an essential aspect of their identity and self-esteem. Problems at work threaten a great deal more than their livelihood. Warren Paul Beck takes this into full account in listening to your story, advising you about your options and executing the most effective strategy for resolving your issue.

For most employees, a prompt and fair resolution of their workplace situation is nearly always a better option than taking a contested claim to trial. People who work for a living can do without the stress, delay and uncertainty of a major lawsuit. Consequently, Warren Beck finds ways to apply your leverage under worker protection legislation through highly developed negotiation skills so that you can get what you need at a point far short of trial. Whether you need a negotiated severance package, back pay, unpaid sales commissions, protection against harassment or discrimination, or accommodation for a disability, our law firm can usually find a way to meet your objectives without taking your case to court.

Finally, far more often than not, employers find themselves liable to their employees or subject to administrative sanctions through carelessness or a lack of understanding. Warren Beck works closely with employers to give them a comprehensive awareness of their rights and obligations to their workers so as to reduce the risk of liability and regulatory violations.

For a free consultation about your legal options in a workplace rights problem, contact an experienced employment lawyer at the San Diego County law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law.



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