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Employment Law for Small Businesses

Advising and Representing Employers in San Diego

Employment law involves a keen understanding of complex laws and proven solutions to effectively resolving problems before they result in costly litigation in court. If your business is too small to support a general counsel’s office, you’re probably not getting the employment law advice you need in order to avoid liability to employees and state or federal regulators.

At the San Diego law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, we tailor our client service for employers to your specific needs. We provide easy to understand advice and practical solutions to help you meet your business objectives. Contact us for a free consultation about our services.

A Preventative Approach to Understanding and Complying With the Law

We firmly believe that most liability issues employers encounter are due to one of two common mistakes on the part of management:

  • An insufficient understanding of their obligations to employees under California law and federal workplace regulations
  • Practical problems implementing and enforcing otherwise sound personnel policies

San Diego employment lawyer Warren Beck will work closely with you to gain a sound working understanding of your business, your workforce and your management practices. He will analyze the liability risks involved with your hiring, compensation, discipline or termination practices, and suggest cost-effective solutions that can minimize the risk of a discrimination complaint, a sexual harassment lawsuit or a compliance investigation by the State Labor Commission.

Help Addressing a Wide Range of Employment Law Concerns

Our law firm helps small-business employers:

  • Bring written personnel policy handbooks and employee manuals into compliance with state and federal law
  • Define procedures for resolving grievances, dealing with problem employees, handling family and medical leave (CFRA/FMLA) or workplace disability issues
  • Train supervisors and managers about the proper ways to investigate sexual harassment complaints, workplace discrimination issues, disability accommodation problems or health insurance coverage disputes
  • Protect your interests when claims are filed with the Employment Development Department, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • Resolve severance issues with executives or professional employees
  • Properly handle dismissals and prevent wrongful termination claims
  • Negotiate and enforce employment contracts, noncompete agreements, trade secret covenants and confidentiality terms
  • Resolve partnership or corporate ownership issues with employment or management overtones

Protect Your Small Business — Prevent Employment Issues

Talk to us about our low-cost employment law services that offer protection now while preventing high litigation fees later. Warren Beck has more than 38 years of experience handling employment law in negotiations, mediation, civil litigation and administrative hearings on behalf of both labor and management.

Like you, attorney Beck is a small-business owner who understands the challenges you face protecting your success. To learn how your company can benefit from his extensive legal experience, contact Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation. We represent clients throughout Southern California and San Diego County.


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