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Documenting and Resolving Sexual Harassment Claims

At the San Diego firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, we represent men and women with claims for sexual harassment in the workplace. We also advise employers about the personnel policies and complaint investigation techniques that can minimize or avoid liability for harassment. Our clients even include individuals accused of sexual harassment whose employers refuse to cover the expenses of their legal defense. To learn more about the scope of our law firm’s sexual harassment practice, contact San Diego employment lawyer Warren Beck.

With more than 40 years of experience in the fields of employment and labor law, Warren Paul Beck has advised clients through many stages of the development of sexual harassment law in both the California and federal courts. Our law firm represents people with damages claims and liability issues concerning such situations as the following:

  • Sexually hostile work environment due to a pattern of offensive remarks, obscene email, or open display of pornography or overtly sexist material
  • Pressure to provide sexual favors in exchange for obtaining or keeping a job
  • Harassment of gay or lesbian employees on the basis of sexual orientation, or perceived sexual orientation
  • Discrimination against employees who provide supporting statements or testimony in a sexual harassment investigation or hearing
  • Retaliation for filing an internal complaint or commencing a civil lawsuit or administrative proceeding
  • Constructive discharge situations in which an especially high level of harassment will support resignation and a claim for damages

Our experience with the investigation and proof of sexual harassment complaints can be useful for employers and companies that need to minimize their litigation risk through clear and consistently applied personnel policies. We can help with the preparation or revision of your employee manual, train your managers and supervisors about the proper way to investigate sexual harassment complaints or enforce company policies, and advise you about your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer.

Many sexual harassment complaints focus on the conduct of a single individual alleged to have caused the problem for the complaining employee. Because it’s standard practice to name both the employer and that individual as defendants in a civil lawsuit, the employer needs to decide whether to deny the allegations and present a defense on behalf both of itself and the named individual, or instead to distance itself from the individual’s alleged misconduct. In the latter situation, the employer might choose not to cover the costs of the individual’s defense.

If you have been named as an individual defendant or respondent in a California sexual harassment complaint, and you eventually win the case, you should be aware that you have the right to recoup your legal expenses from your employer if they were not previously covered. We will be glad to consider your defense even if your employer up to this point has refused to cover the costs of your defense.

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Whether you’re a victim of harassment, an employer concerned about managing liability risk or an individual defendant abandoned by your company, our experience with the investigation, negotiation, mediation and trial of sexual harassment cases can represent a significant advantage for resolving your situation on favorable terms. Contact the San Diego office of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation online or at 619-573-4683.