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Unions and Labor Law

San Diego Union Labor Law Lawyer

Employees working under union contracts enjoy a wide range of benefits under their collective bargaining agreements. Much of the value of union membership can be lost, however, if you cannot depend on your union to protect your interests in a workplace dispute.

For the advice of an experienced labor lawyer who can advise you about your rights as a union member, contact San Diego union labor law attorney Warren Paul Beck online to schedule a consultation about your case.

An Experienced Attorney Providing Effective Representation

Warren Beck has concentrated on employment and labor law issues ever since he entered practice in 1981. He can advise union members about their right to effective representation in workplace problems involving any of the following:

You need to know whether your union representatives are looking out for your best interests at work. If they seem to be dragging their feet or giving you unsatisfactory answers to your questions, you might benefit from an outside legal opinion. Warren Beck can review your rights under your current collective bargaining agreement and let you know whether the advice you are getting from your union is sound.

San Diego County Mediation and Arbitration Attorney

For dependable advice about your rights under a union contract, including those covering public sector employees, contact our Southern California law firm.


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