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Most employees are so-called “employees at will” – which means you can quit your job for any reason or no reason and you can be fired (subject to certain exceptions) for any reason or no reason. There are many situations, however, where a terminated employee will have legal grounds to challenge the dismissal. Wrongful termination damages can be awarded in cases of race or sex discrimination, employer retaliation or other circumstances that indicate a violation of public policy or breach of an implied employment contract.

With more than 40 years of experience in this demanding field, Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, can help you determine whether the loss of your job might support a lawsuit against your former employer. Contact San Diego and California employment law attorney Warren Beck for reliable advice about your rights in any case of wrongful or retaliatory termination. Call 619-573-4683 or send an email today. Free consultation for people anywhere in California.

Know Your Rights: California and Federal Employment Laws Protect Your Job

Even in cases where California law or federal statutes offer no explicit protection for you, it is often possible to find that you were not an employee at will after all but had the legally enforceable right to keep your job under an implied contract of employment. An experienced employment law attorney like Warren Beck can assist you in determining your employment status.

Discrimination, Harassment and Other Unlawful Reasons for Termination

Examples of wrongful termination that violate state or federal law include the following:

Even if none of these circumstances apply to your case, you still might have a claim for unfair termination damages if the evidence shows that you could reasonably rely on continued employment as long as you maintained a certain level of performance on the job or if your periodic reviews indicated the employer’s intention to keep you in your former position. Constructive discharge can also represent an available remedy for employees who work under especially intolerable conditions.

Legal Experience Makes the Difference in Wrongful Termination Actions

California employment lawyer Warren Paul Beck has achieved highly favorable results for his wrongful termination clients. He does this through careful review of the evidence, outstanding negotiation skills and a thorough familiarity with the differing litigation demands of different courts and jurisdictions. He can also help you get the most out of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Our law firm also advises employers about managing their risk of wrongful termination liability through careful examination of particular performance or discipline problems and thorough documentation of the reasons for dismissal.

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