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For highly skilled employees and executives, a fair severance package may involve salary, stock options, and other benefits that compensate them for their time and commitment in the event their services are no longer a good fit for the company. For employers, a severance package can help ease tension and avoid problems when terminating employment.

At the law office of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, in San Diego, we provide experienced counsel for both employees and employers in the evaluation and negotiation of severance contracts throughout California. Attorney Warren Beck has more than 40 years of experience helping clients understand their rights and obligations in employment law.

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Attorney Warren Beck can advise either the employee or the employer during separation from employment. He can:

  • Work closely with the client, determine appropriate severance package benefits and draft severance agreements
  • Review proposed severance packages, and ensure the appropriate waivers and releases of claims are in place and other valuable rights are protected
  • Negotiate a fair or improved severance agreement if necessary
  • Evaluate any potential wrongful termination claims

A severance agreement must work in concert with other aspects of employment law. For example, even if a release of claims is signed, some employment rights cannot be waived, including workers’ compensation claims, unemployment insurance and noncompete agreements.

Workers over 40 have some additional protections during employment termination. For example, they must be given either 21 days or 45 days to review a severance agreement depending on the circumstances. They must also get a seven-day revocation period in which to change their minds after they sign the contract.

Attorney Warren Beck has represented both workers and employers in the private and public sectors, including unionized workers, and local, municipal, state and federal employees. He has experience in a wide array of employment law issues to draw upon when advising clients.

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