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Both employers and employees have rights and obligations under California and federal employment law. At the San Diego law firm of Warren Paul Beck, Attorney at Law, we represent employees in both private industry and the public sector. We also assist small-business owners who are interested in bringing their personnel management practices into full compliance with state and federal regulations.

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With more than 40 years of experience in the resolution of California workplace disputes, Warren Paul Beck has the ability to make a legally accurate assessment of your situation, to develop the facts and documentary record necessary to support your position, and to use the strengths of your case in any of several ways to achieve your objectives: negotiation, mediation, administrative hearings or civil trials — whichever seems most likely to advance your interests.

While no lawyer can guarantee a particular result in a given case, our law firm uses methods that are flexible and adaptable to the strategic and tactical demands of your specific situation. Among the problems we handle on behalf of our clients are the following:

  • Resolution of wrongful termination claims, including cases of retaliatory termination and constructive discharge
  • Sexual harassment claims involving either hostile work environment or pressure to grant sexual favors
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, disability or the assertion of a protected right
  • Disability discrimination claims involving unfair cuts in hours or pay, getting demoted or skipped over for promotion, or other unfavorable job actions based on discrimination against physical or mental limitations
  • Federal Employees laws pertain to many areas of employment, including disciplinary actions, adverse actions and unfair labor practices.
  • Wage and hour claims involving unpaid overtime, sales commissions or meal breaks
  • Problems with noncompete agreements for sales staff and other skilled workers wishing to start their own businesses
  • Negotiation and review of severance agreements for employees to protect their right to fair benefits, favorable terms upon termination and consideration of possible wrongful termination claims
  • Union and labor law issues involving rights under union contracts or disputes, such as when a local fails to fairly represent a member’s interests
  • Workplace rights cases involving federal, state or municipal employees, including San Diego County teachers and school administrators
  • Administrative hearings such as unemployment insurance appeals or complaints before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
  • Legal advice for small businesses, including the revision or documentation of personnel policies, investigation of discrimination or sexual harassment complaints, and the negotiation of executive compensation or severance agreements
  • Representation at mediation or arbitration proceedings for any dispute arising from an employment relationship, employment contract or collective bargaining agreement

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