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Noncompete Agreements

San Diego Attorney Handling Noncompete Agreements

Under California law, most noncompete agreements are extremely difficult to enforce unless they are carefully drafted with narrowly defined terms. At the same time, their value in protecting the competitive edge for many small businesses is critical.

An employment lawyer with more than 38 years of experience, Warren Paul Beck can help you draft sound employment contracts and termination packages with enforceable noncompete agreements, so you can protect your rights.

Whether you are a skilled employee who will be expected to sign a noncompete agreement or an employer who needs to protect trade secrets or prevent unfair competition, contact us for a free consultation.

Evaluation and Negotiation of Noncompete Agreements for Employees

As a skilled worker, the issue at stake when you are presented with a noncompete agreement is the protection of your employment prospects. Whether you should ultimately want to work for a competitor or start your own similar business, it is in your interest to keep your options open while respecting the rights of every employer.

Knowledgeable Help for Public Sector Workers

Our Southern California law firm has a history of assisting federal, state and municipal employees, as well as private sector and union workers address employment-related issues. Government workers often handle sensitive information where nondisclosure issues can arise. We have extensive knowledge and experience with government regulations, and we know the process of representing public sector clients.

Effective, Affordable Dispute Resolution

When violations of noncompete agreements are alleged or other disputes arise, we can help. We represent employers and employees in mediation sessions, arbitration hearings and other grievance resolution processes.

Before you make any decision about signing or pursuing enforcement of an employment agreement, contact our San Diego County office to discuss your obligations and legal options.


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